Cloud Backups

Good backups are critical to your Backup/Disaster Recovery planning but if you are only backing up locally or onsite, you are missing the most important element of a good Backup/Disaster Recovery plan.

Cloud or offsite backups protect against catastrophic events such as fires, theft, power surges, viruses and ransomware attacks. Good backups are compressed and encrypted to protect privacy and security of those backups and ensure that they are usable when needed.

CPI Networks’ cloud backup service meets and/or exceeds the above criteria. Automatically backing up data to a remote server is a smart solution because it is automatic; you don’t have to worry about doing it. You can set it and forget it, so it won’t take any additional thought or effort in the future. This also means that your data will be backed up fairly quickly after you change or add to it, so you’ll always have a recent backup. When you’re moving a drive around on your own, you may be stuck with a backup a few weeks old if you lose your primary, onsite backup.

Safely protect your data with Cloud Backups from CPI Networks. We offer multiple solutions starting at $20 per month and your data can be hosted in Canada to ensure you comply with Canadian Privacy law.

You’re Not Backing Up Properly Unless You Have Offsite Backups!


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